Designed to take product management to the next level.

Easily share wine
information & assets
Specifically designed for
the drinks industry
Accurate product information
direct from the producer
Cloud based platform
allowing 24/7 access
Securely stored & backed-up
Easy to use interface

The new way of sharing product info



  • 100% control of your wine information
  • Wine specs, bottle shots, tasting notes, images and files
  • Introduce your brand and products to distributors, retailers and media
  • Easy data management in one place
  • Unlimited wines, images and files
  • Live chat support

Trade & Media

  • Free access for importers, distributors, retailers, media and more
  • Accurate product information
  • All product data in one place
  • Discover new products
  • Live chat support

You're in good company

Questions? Here are the answers.

Currently Drinkfo is available for the wine industry worldwide.

All wine related information that producers want to share including wine descriptions, technical data, bottle shots, tasting notes, pricing, format information etc.

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