About us

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and file sharing services

Working in the wine and IT industries for over a decade now, we’ve got a bit tired of seeing product information being sent and requested via email or file sharing services, cluttering up servers and hard drives with spreadsheets and files of the same information over and over again.

Drinkfo, sharing drinks data made simple

That’s when the idea for Drinkfo was born. Drinkfo is a simple to use, cloud based product data platform specifically designed for the drinks industry to help easily manage and share accurate product data and marketing assets - all in one place.

Save time and money

By securely storing all product data in one place, making it accessible to internal and external users 24/7, you’ll not only save a ton of time but ensure that only the most up to date information is being used to help sell your products. Because no one wants to see an outdated product shot or description in a promotion or write-up after a comprehensive and expensive brand refresh or simply a vintage roll-over, right?